1.2 Adoration to Omnipresent God That Is The Presence of Holy Grace

Thayumanavar Hymns

Hymn 1 – Verse 2   (2/3)


Countless the habitats lived,
Countless the names borne,
Countless the kith and kin possessed,
Countless the bodies by karma caused,
Countless the Karmas daily perfomed,
Countless the thoughts entertained,
Countless the name and fame acquired,
Countless the heaven and hell experienced,
Countless the Gods worshipped,
Countless the faiths followed –

And so, realizing through jnana and grace
Our God of Turiya form *[1]
The Divine Cloud that pours the rains of limitless rapture
Flowing through the dome of heaven
And through the love-filled eyes of fervent devotees,

Who chant the names countless
That scriptures countless recount,

The Treasure vast of silentness
That Wisdom Bliss of inexplicable state,
That Immensity

Let us in meekness worship.

*[1] – Turiya is the fourth state of pure silent consciousness, – beyond waking, dreaming and deep sleep.