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Guidance from Sages and Scriptures of India for Meditation and Life

Welcome! There are many Great Sages and Scriptures of India, but here I have provided the amazing teachings of those who came into my life and made an impact on me. Without their Guidance, I am lost. Even if I keep in touch with their divine, extremely useful advice just once in a while, it makes a big difference. Just association with Sages is enough for Salvation.

These Sages and Scriptures are my Best Friends. They are friends because they don’t interfere as long as we think we can handle everything on our own, but as soon as we need help, they rush to assist us. A friend in need, is a friend indeed! The beauty is that they are ready to offer their divine friendship to everyone and anyone who wants it. That is to say that they are everybody’s Best Friend. This is real Kindness, Equality and Understanding. 

Practical Guidance for Life and Meditation

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