1.1 Adoration to Omnipresent God That Is The Presence of Holy Grace

Thayumanavar Hymns

Hymn 1 – Verse 1  (1/3)

What is It?
What is That Which Is, Which is not just here or there but Is everywhere, As unrestricted shining effulgence, Filled with perfect bliss, Filled with grace and divine love, —
What is it, which willed To contain the countless universes In boundless space And there flourishes as Life of life, –
What is it, which stood Transcending thought and word, 
What is it, which remained As the ever contentious object Of countless faiths claiming, ”This, my God,” ”This, our God” —
What is it, which exists as Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Love-filled and Eternal –
What is it, which knows No limits of Night and day –
That indeed is what is agreeable to thought,
That indeed is what fills all space in Silence.
That indeed is what we in meekness worship.