Gist of Karma Yoga – Sivananda

Gist of Karma Yoga – Sivananda

1. Karma Yoga is selfless service unto humanity. The important point is to serve humanity without any attachment or egoism. The central teaching of the Gita is non-attachment to work. Lord Krishna says: “Work, but your duty is to work but not expect the fruits thereof.”

2. The mind is so framed that it cannot work without expectation of fruits or anticipation of rewards or even appreciation. You will have to train the mind to work disinterestedly. Worldly people cannot understand the spirit of Nishkamya Karma Yoga as their minds are charged or saturated with impurities. Do vigorous service for some time. You will grasp the spirit of Nishkamya service.

3. A Karma Yogi should be absolutely free from greed, lust, anger and egoism. Then only he can do real useful service. Even if there are traces of these evil qualities, he should try to remove them one by one.

4. A Karma Yogi should have an amiable, loving, social nature. He should have perfect adaptability, tolerance, sympathy, cosmic love and mercy. He should be able to adjust himself to the ways and habits of others. He should have an all-embracing and all-inclusive heart and equal vision. He should have a cool and balanced mind. He should rejoice in the welfare of others. He should have all the organs under perfect control. He should lead a very simple life. He should bear insult, disrespect, dishonour, censure infamy, disgrace, harsh words, heat and cold and the pain of diseases. He should have power of endurance. He should have absolute faith in himself, in God, in scriptures and in the words of his Guru. Such a man becomes a good Karma Yogi and reaches the Goal quickly.

5. The man who serves the world really serves himself. That man who helps others really helps himself. This is an important point. When you serve a man, when you serve your country, always think that the Lord has given you a rare opportunity to improve, correct and mould yourself by service. Be grateful to that man who has given you a chance to serve him.

6. Karma Yoga prepares the mind for the reception of Light or Knowledge. It expands the heart and breaks all barriers that stand in the way of unity or oneness. Karma Yoga is the effective Practice for cleansing the mind.

7. By doing selfless service you purify your heart. Egoism, hatred, jealousy, idea of superiority and all the kindred negative qualities will vanish. Humility, pure love, sympathy, tolerance, and mercy will be developed. Sense of separateness will be annihilated. Selfishness will be eradicated. You will get a broad and liberal outlook of life. You will begin to feel oneness and unity. Eventually you will attain knowledge of the Self. You will realise ‘One in All’ and ‘All in One.’ You will feel unbounded joy. World is nothing but manifestation of God. Service of humanity and country is service of God. Service is worship.

8. Generally people are impatient and they expect Siddhis after doing a little service. The real Karma Yogi who serves the people with humility and Atma Bhava becomes a real ruler of the world. He is honoured and respected by all. The more service you do with Atma Bhava, the more power, energy, and capacity you will get. Practise this and feel.

9. When the thought of doing good to others becomes part and parcel of a man’s very being, then he will not entertain any least motive at all. He takes immense delight in serving others, in doing good to others. There is peculiar joy and happiness in the vigorous Nishkamya service. He gets inner spiritual strength and power by performing motiveless and selfless actions.

10. Never grumble or murmur when you do service to others. Take delight in service. Be ever ready to serve others. Watch for opportunities to serve. Never miss a single opportunity. Create opportunities. Create field of good service.

11. In the practice of Nishkamya Karma Yoga, there is no loss of effort. There is no harm. There is no transgression also. Even a little of this practice can protect you from great fear of birth and death with its concomitant evils. You will reap the fruits of Karma Yoga : Realization of the Self. There is no uncertainty here. The path of Karma Yoga eventually leads to the attainment of Bliss of the Self.

Universal Prayer – Sivananda

Universal Prayer – Sivananda

You are, Oh Lord, the Creator of this Universe. You are the Protector of this world. You are in the grass and the rose. You are in the sun and the stars. My reverence to You, Oh Destroyer of the cycle of births and deaths! I bow to You, Oh Bestower of Bliss and Immortality!

Oh Sweet Lord! May I be free from the bonds of death. May I never forget my immortal nature! May I be able to look upon all beings with equal vision! May I attain the Supreme seat of Brahman, the Self! May I be free from impurity and sin! May I know my essential nature!

Adorations to the Supreme Being, who dwells in the hearts of all beings, who is in the fire and water, who is in the plants, herbs and trees, who is in the stone, brick and iron bars, and who is pervading the whole universe.

I bow to You, Oh Secret of secrets! I bow to You, Oh Indweller of our hearts! I bow to You, Oh Silent Witness of all activities of all minds! I bow to You, Oh Inner Ruler of all beings, who pervades and permeates and interpenetrates all things of this universe.

I bow to you, the Supreme Lord! You are without beginning and end. You are the flower. You are the bee. You are woman. You are man. You are the sea. You are the waves. You are the old man tottering with a stick. You are the saint. You are the rogue.

You are Light Divine. You are Light of knowledge. You are the dispeller of darkness. You are the Supreme Guru. You are beyond the reach of mind and speech. You are beyond any kind of limitation. You are the Self of this universe.

You are Self-luminous. You are without parts, without actions, without limbs, without any taint or fault, without birth and death. You are our Father, Mother, Brother, Friend, Relative, Guru and Sole Refuge! You are the embodiment of Peace, Bliss, Power, Knowledge, Strength and Beauty.

Oh All-merciful Lord! Through Your Grace May I realize the Truth. May I always entertain sublime thoughts. May I realize myself as the Light Divine. May I serve humanity with Atma Bhava. May I be free from greed, lust, egoism, jealousy and hatred. May I behold the one sweet Immortal Self in all beings. May I realize Brahman, the Self with pure understanding.

May that Light of lights ever guide me! May He cleanse my mind of all impurities! May He inspire me! May He bestow on me Power, Courage and Strength! May He remove the veil in the mind! May He remove all obstacles on the spiritual path! May He make my life happy and fruitful.

I bow to You, Oh Lord of lords, Oh  God of gods, Oh  Deva of Devas, the Brahman of the Upanishads, the Self, the Support for Maya and Isvara, the Supreme Bridge to Immortality!

Om, Peace! Peace! Peace! 

Swami Sivananda
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