Quote 12 – Ramana

Quote 11 – Ramana

D: It looks easy to think of God in the external world, whereas it looks difficult to remain without thoughts.

M: That is absurd; to look at other things is easy and to look within is difficult! It must be contrariwise.

D: But I do not understand. It is difficult.

M: This thought of difficulty is the chief obstacle. A little practice will make you think differently.

D: What is the practice?

M: To find out the source of ‘I’.

Quote 11 – Ramana

Quote 10 – Ramana

D: How is work to be done ordinarily for an aspirant?

M: Without self-identification with the actor. For instance, did you intend visiting this place while in Paris?

D: No!

M: You see how you are acting without your intention to do so? The Gita says that a man cannot remain without acting. The purpose of one’s birth will be fulfilled whether you will it or not. Let the purpose fulfill itself.

Quote 9 – Ramana

Quote 9 – Ramana

Everybody will go after only what gives happiness to him. Thinking that happiness comes from some object or other, you go after it. See from where all happiness, including the happiness you regard as coming from sense objects, really comes from. You will understand that all happiness comes only from the self, and then you would always abide in the self.