Devotion and Self-Surrender – Sarada Devi

Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi, the Holy Mother

As for those who depend upon God and have faith in Him, well, that itself is their spiritual practice, sadhana. God is one’s very own. It is an eternal relationship. One realizes Him in proportion to the intensity of one’s feeling for him. Don’t be afraid. Always remember that somebody is protecting you.

How many are there who truly want to realize God? They, no doubt, profess great devotion and longing, but they feel satisfied when they get even a tiny bit of enjoyment. They say, “Ah, how kind is God!”

Always do your duty to others, but love you must give to God alone. Worldly love always brings in its wake untold misery.

If you love any human being (selfishly) you will have to suffer for it. That person is blessed, indeed, who can love God alone. There is no suffering in loving God.

Everything will come in time, my child. Be devoted to Him and take shelter at his feet. It is enough to remember that there is Someone—call him Father or Mother—who is always protecting you.

Repeat the name of God always in the innermost core of your heart and in all sincerity take refuge in Sri Ramakrishna. Do not bother to know how your mind is reacting to things around. And do not waste time in calculating and worrying over whether or not you are progressing in the path of spirituality. It is egotism to judge progress for oneself. Have faith in the grace of your guru and God.

Why are you so restless, my child? Why don’t you stick on to what you have got? Always remember, “I have at least a Mother, if none else.”