Beyond the Mind – Chinmayananda

Beyond the Mind – Chinmayananda

By searching for happiness in the world outside and depending on the objects to provide us with that happiness, we become slaves to the world. Learn to discover happiness inside yourself, by yourself. If we analyze the psychological nature of human beings, we will see that when the mind is agitated, there is unhappiness. The lesser the agitation the greater the happiness.

The great saints, sages, and prophets renounced everything and, without any possessions, discovered peace and tranquility. We wonder how it was possible. Jesus roamed in the desert for 20 years on a diet of nothing but bread and water and found happiness. The Buddha, himself a prince, left his kingdom and sat under a tree open to the sun and rain, heat and cold, not knowing where his next meal was coming from and became emaciated. People from his kingdom visited the place and, recognizing their prince, thought that he had lost his mind. They thought, “Oh Lord, is this justice, why should he suffer?” But Lord Buddha opened his eyes and said, “My children you are crazy, you are unhappy, I have discovered the greatest happiness.”

So where is happiness? In the mind. If the mind is calm and serene we discover the Lord of our heart who is nothing but bliss absolute, total happiness. When there is least agitation in the mind we have maximum happiness, and when there are no agitations, we enjoy absolute bliss.

Conquest of the mind is all that is meant by religion and spirituality. Go beyond the desires of the mind and come to live your own true nature, fully satisfied, extremely content. A desire is only an attempt to fulfill yourself, but you are already fulfilled. Say to yourself, “I want nothing, expect nothing, I am Me!” Come to this higher state of Consciousness, which is called liberation, experience of the Divine, the Self, Happiness!

Mananam Publication Series
Living in Simplicity
The Search for Happiness – By Swami Chinmayananda
Chapter: The Spiritual Quest

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