Why do you say you are a sinner? – Ramana

Why do you say you are a sinner ?

D.: I am a sinner. I do not perform religious sacrifices (homas), etc. Shall I have painful rebirths for that reason? Pray save me!

M.: Why do you say that you are a sinner? Your trust in God is sufficient to save you from rebirths. Cast all burden on Him.

In the Tiruvachagam it is said: “Though I am worse than a dog, you have graciously undertaken to protect me. This delusion of birth and death is maintained by you. Moreover, am I the person to sift and judge? Am I the Lord here? Oh Maheswara! It is for you to roll me through bodies (by births and deaths) or to keep me fixed at your own feet.” Therefore have faith and that will save you.

D.: Sir, I have faith – and still I encounter difficulties. Weakness and giddiness afflict me after I practise concentration.

M.: Breath-control (pranayama) properly performed should increase one’s strength.

D.: I have my professional work and yet I want to be in perpetual dhyana. Will they conflict with each other?

M.: There will be no conflict. As you practise both and develop your powers you will be able to attend to both. You will begin to look on business as a dream. Says the Bhagavad Gita: “That which is the night of all beings, for the disciplined man is the time of waking; when other beings are waking, then is it night for the sage who sees.” (11.69.)

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi
4th February, 1935
Talk 31.

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