Rain gives great Joy and Refreshment!

Oh, the beauty of Rain! When I was having a cup of coffee early morning, I heard this mild sound of thunder. When I heard it a little louder the next time, I wondered, can this be rain? Or is this a farce, a facade, a false alarm? But then when the third and fourth thunder sounded louder followed by some lightning, I knew it was the real thing!

Starting out ever so gently with a mild drizzle that is just exhilarating to watch. Gradually increasing to a consistent rainfall. Ah, the wonderful sound of rainfall music! The captivating smell of wet earth. Sometimes the sky appears cloudless but it rains; yes, sounds strange but possible. Gradually wetting and soaking the green grass that stands up with glee. Cheering up the plants with their colorful flowers shining even more brightly. Making the beautiful trees sway and dance even more in the breeze. Oh, the rain suddenly comes to a slow stop. But don’t fear. It was only to resume again to let us have the refreshing experience all over again! Everything looks so clean to the eyes and soothing to the mind.

Nothing can beat Nature’s variety entertainment. So many variations of sight and sound that Rainfall has! Sometimes it is just a shower. Other times it comes as a hail storm, an outburst, a torrent, a pouring of Mother Nature’s mercy to quench the thirst of tormented beings. And when it stops, its beauty doesn’t cease. A walk around brings joy to the heart, when you see a few drops of rain still lingering on the leaves, the flowers, the little pillars and posts.

And then the sun makes a grand entrance with its rays shining through the partially cloudy sky, through tree branches and leaves, illuminating and giving power to grow, to all the living beings that just received nourishment from the sky. How can we truly appreciate one without the other, the Rain and the Sun! How can we live without either one!