It is very useful to ponder upon at least one of the Golden Guidance Tips of Wisdom before starting the day’s activities. Pondering on these Mini Guides helps to make the day go Easier. It makes us see and take things with the right perspective. Gradually, it also adds longer lasting Peace of Mind.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi generally placed self-improvement techniques under the categories of Practice and Dispassion. They become difficult ventures only when we think that we have to expect immediate results and success. However, these efforts usually shower benefits gradually. The more we reflect and ponder on these and understand their purposes, the more we get ready for meditation and self-enquiry. This itself creates some peacefulness in our minds.

Practice makes perfect is a well-known statement. Typically, it relates to worldly accomplishments. In the spiritual realm, Practice literally leads one to Perfection. So say the Sages. The more we practice meditation and self-enquiry, the happier and more peaceful we become, without really consciously changing our normal life routines. The important thing is to keep practicing these techniques consistently, and gradually we will find ourselves more calm, mentally strong, peaceful and happy, with ourselves as well as with others. The most significant process in Practice is the elimination of unnecessary, disturbing thoughts and sticking to one thought, which will also eventually merge into the Self – so say the great Sages.

Dispassion may seem like a very difficult task that means total lack of interest in life and act like a zombie. So it turns us off. But in its simple interpretation, it is something we often hear and mention in our normal lives. For example, we hear and say things like “You are the company you keep”, “Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. “, If you make friends with stupid people, you will be ruined. “, “Money does not buy Happiness” etc. We also hear parents say to their children, “I don’t want you hanging around those kids.” Of course, dispassion becomes more profound when it is used for checking and controlling the wandering mind by understanding what is really necessary for life, to find out what causes real happiness to pursue them, and to detect what causes misery to avoid them. Still very practical to ponder upon and follow. The more we practice dispassion as best as we can, the more the sense of relief.

Practice and Dispassion consist of numerous techniques to check, persuade, manage and control the mind and perform self-enquiry to give up false notions, break the spell of ignorance and withdraw into the Real, Blissful Self. I call my hour of meditation and contemplation “My Happy Hour”!

It is easy to suggest a possible, theoretical solution to a problem. However, very few follow their suggestion with a set of detailed steps to achieve the results of the solution. Here, as in all other things, Great Sages excel. Their teachings are complete. They seldom leave the devotee hanging in the dark, unless that is also for the devotee’s good! One is really lucky to come into contact with such Great Sages. If we keep them in mind, they changes us for the good automatically with His Love. This alone will do, if it is not possible to follow the other things.