Sri Ramana Maharshi

How come you came to me, Bhagavan Ramana?

Bhagavan Ramana, I don’t understand. How come You came to me? Having offered Your Wonderful Grace to Great Devotees, Sadhus, Monks and even great Swami’s, Saints and Yogis, I cannot understand at all how You even considered turning Your Merciful Glance towards me.

Is it because You decided that helping me to attain salvation will prove to the world that You can liberate even such an ignorant person like me? Or is it because You wanted to educate the world that there is no difference between men and women in spirituality – as You have confirmed in Ramana Geeta?

Or is it because I casually stepped on the soil of the Holy Tiruvannamalai in my childhood? That can’t be the only reason, because You have said that You shower your Healing Grace to people who are distant from Tiruvannamalai through Your Yogic Look, where ever they may be.

Or is it because I am the last person left to attain Self-Realization, and so You want to quickly finish you task of liberating every Soul and settling them in Permanent Being, Awareness and Bliss?

Well, I still can’t understand how I came to deserve Your Kindness. But I can understand two things for sure. First, that You are certainly Kinder than a Mother – Merciful, Benevolent, Generous, Supportive and providing incomparable Guidance in Life. Second, whatever the reason You are Kind to me, I am the Luckiest Soul in this world.

Thank You, Bhagavan Ramana ! You are my Best Divine Friend ! I Love You.