Aathicchudi Guidance Second Set

Aathicchudi Guidance Second Set

Aathicchudi – Guidance conforming to the Letters of the Tamil Alphabet

By Saint Avvaiyar (First century AD)

Avvaiyar wrote the original poetry in Tamil for Guidance in Life, with a line of Guidance for each letter of the complete Tamil Alphabet, in the correct grammatical order. There are several sets of letters. This is the second set.  Just the English translation is provided here.

Invocatory Verse: Let’s worship the Lord who wears the garland of primrose flowers, again and again.

Alphabet continued from previous post:

14. Don’t exaggerate what you saw.

15. Be flexible and cooperate with others.

16. Take showers regularly.

17. Speak sweetly.

18. Build your home spaciously – according to your needs.

19. Make friends with the best.

20. Take care of your parents.

21. Don’t forget gratitude.

22. Do everything at the right time.

23. Don’t take other people’s land for your needs.

24. Don’t do bad deeds.

25. Don’t play with snakes.

26. Sleep on a comfortable cotton bed.

27. Don’t talk maliciously.

28. Don’t do things that are unpleasant.

29. Learn and educate yourself when you are young.

30. Don’t forget charity.

31. Don’t oversleep for long hours.

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