Aathicchudi Guidance First Set

Aathicchudi Guidance First Set

Aathicchudi – Guidance conforming to the Letters of the Tamil Alphabet

By Saint Avvaiyar (First century AD)

Avvaiyar wrote the original poetry in Tamil for Guidance in Life, with a line of Guidance for each letter of the complete Tamil Alphabet, in the correct grammatical order. There are several sets of letters. This is the first set.  Just the English translation is provided here.

Invocatory Verse: Let’s worship the Lord who wears the garland of primrose flowers, again and again.

1. Desire to do good deeds.

2. Calm down your anger.

3. Help others as much as you can.

4. Don’t give up charity.

5. Don’t brag or boast to others about what you have.

6. Don’t give up enthusiasm and eagerness.

7. Don’t mock or ridicule education or learning.

8. It is shameful to beg from others.

9. Eat after feeding others.

10. Live in flow with the world.

11. Don’t give up education or learning.

12. Don’t say words arising out of jealousy.

13. Don’t be stingy when you sell food products.

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