Why we need the Sages of India

The Guidance of Great Sages of India about Life and Meditation are Unique Vistas, beautiful paths toward attaining Peace of Mind and Happiness. The Real Peaceful and Serene Being is One residing in all, the Path is One, all that needs to be done is to realize this and be happy. Easier said than done! The Ego or the mind has become very powerful in the extrovert sense, pulling one in various directions deeper and deeper into the quagmire of worldly desires, egocentric activities and negative emotions. Therefore, it has become weak in the introvert sense, because how can one be peaceful when thinking furiously in so many diverse ways on so many disturbing matters.

Sometimes a lot of Money, Huge Fame, High Expectations in School and Life – these are a lot of heavy burden to handle, because of consequent high expectations of grand results or keeping up with them. So, for immediate relief, drugs, alcohol etc. are used by some people to alleviate the burdens of their minds. But these temporary aids also lead to greater pain and suffering until the person collapses.

So REAL HELP is needed to recover.  Hence the myriads of religions and scriptures. However, to explain them or to offer practical help, guidance has to be given by someone who has achieved and experienced Perfect Peace and dwells in It. Knowing the sincere seeker’s longing for peace of mind, HELP arrives to slow down the wanderings of the mind and restore at least some of the natural happiness. It arrives in the form or manner the seeker will be most benefited. Therefore, due to great compassion the Great Sages of India appear from time to time to guide us.

One Great one is enough. However, the egos are many and varied. To suit the seeker’s personality and to match the mental makeup, fitness and spiritual maturity of the Seeker, a Sage guides in a unique style. Sages show how to live in this world according to one’s nature and fulfill the purpose for their existence. They also provide guidance about how to deal with day to day problems, how to get mentally strong and how to be truly happy and peaceful.

There are many such Great Ones, but here I have provided the teachings of those who came into my life and made an impact on me. Without their teachings, I am lost. Even if I keep in touch with the divine advice they give just once in a while, it makes a big difference. They are my best friends. They are friends because they don’t interfere as long as we think we can handle everything on our own, but as soon as we need help, they rush to assist us. A friend in need, is a friend indeed! The beauty is that they are ready to offer their divine friendship to everyone and anyone who wants it. This is real Kindness, Equality and Understanding.