Have regard for me – Thyagaraja

Have regard for me – Thyagaraja

Devotional Song

Main Verse (Pallavi)

Don’t You have any regard for me?
What words are you gesturing to me?

Final Verses (Charanam)

Verse 1

Is there not even a little kindness?
Is my wish against any righteousness?
Oh Lord who wears garland made of forest flowers! Won’t You come and show mercy on me?
Won’t this quality of procrastination leave You even now ?

Verse 2

If You have wealth, keep it to Yourself;
I only requested You for your Grace;
Please kindly come and hear about my anxieties;
I do not know of any wickedness in you.

Verse 3

I believed that You are the King;
I have heard about the condition in which Gajendra was;
I won’t endear those who are slaves of Cupid, consort of Rati;
I have earned a noble reputation to say that this Thyagaraja is Your Devotee.

Original Song in Telugu:
Name: Abhimanamu lethemi
Raga: Aandhali
Tala: Chapu

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