Chanting and Meditation – Sarada Devi

Pray to the Lord to make your heart as pure as the star. As a result of sincere and regular Japa and Meditation you will find that the Lord will speak to you. All your desires will be fulfilled and you will experience pure bliss.

The kundalini will awaken in course of time. Do japa and meditation. It does not rise of itself. Continuous meditation will make the mind so steady that you will not feel inclined to give it up. When the mind is not in a mood to meditate, do not force it to do so. In such conditions, get up from the seat of meditation after making prostrations. Real meditation is of a spontaneous nature. . . . If meditation is not possible, do japa. Realization will come through japa.

Realization of God, or meditation, all these depend on the mind. Concentrate, and everything will come to pass.

Mind this, my child, one has to take refuge and wait on God’s mercy; then only he takes pity.

A pure mind easily gets concentrated in meditation. When pure souls perform japa, they feel as if the holy name bubbles up spontaneously from within themselves. They does not make any effort to repeat the name.

The kundalini will gradually be awakened. You will realize everything by the repetition of God’s name. Even if the mind be not quiet, still you can sit at a place and repeat the holy name a million times.

As wind removes the cloud, so the name of God destroys the cloud of worldliness.