Devotional Carnatic Music – Videos

Bantu Reethi Kolu

This is a beautiful song performed in front of a live audience in a Carnatic Music Concert. Singers: Vasundhara and Thyagarajan.

Sri Ramana Maharishi – Arunachala Akshara Manamaalai

Meaning in English and Tamil: Vasundhara
Singers: Vasundhara and Thyagarajan, Violin: Krishna Kutty,
Keyboard: Vikram Rajan, Tabla: Tissa Munasinghe, Tambura: Matthew Greenblatt
This is a Hymn that Sri Ramana Maharshi wrote in Tamil at the request of his devotees who wanted Him to offer them a song to sing when they go to request food from householders.  Named the “Garland of Words”, it is the Pouring of Divine Love to the Almighty, All-pervading Being. It was written in the attitude of a Beloved longing for the Lover.

Ab Jaago Mohan Pyaare

This beautiful Meera Bhajan was part of a Live Carnatic Music Concert performed by Vasundhara and Thyagarajan. Album: Gaana Jyoti.


This is a wonderful song originally rendered by Sri Purandaradasa in Kannada. It is melodious and touching. It is filled with devotion, enough to melt even the hardest hearts.
Singers: Vasundhara and Thyagarajan ~ Violin: Krishna Kutti ~ Mridangam: Shubha Chandramouli

bhaja govindam

Bhaja Govindam (Worship God) is spiritual. Any sincere seeker of real happiness and peace of mind can benefit from it. It has 31 verses of guidance for Life and Salvation.
Sri Adi Sankaracharya found an old man memorizing grammar rules. Due to His compassion, He offered His guidance in the form of this Garland of Gems, explaining the Real Purpose of Life.

Brahma jnanavali

Brahma Jnanavali Mala offered by Sri Adi Sankaracharya contains a string of sparkling diamonds of Wisdom. It describes the Absolute Attributeless Reality. Therefore, anyone from any religion can benefit from it. It also encourages us to contemplate on that blissful SELF and obtain Happiness free from sorrow, eventually leading to Perfect Bliss.

alai paaydhe kanna

In this sweet song, Lord Krishna is the manifestation of the One Supreme Being, and the Gopis are the Devotees. It is symbolic of Divine Spiritual Devotion, presented in a simple human manner.

seethamma maayamma

Sri Thyagaraja lovingly calls Sri Sita Devi his Mother and Sri Rama his Father in this beautiful song. Meaning of the song in English can be found in the description of this video.

manujudai putti

This is a Krithi (song) in Telugu originally rendered by Sri Annamacharya.


Melodious song that is bound to touch every true devotee’s Heart. Meaning of the song in English can be found in the description of this video.

muruga muruga

A sweet, touching song, full of devotion that it was hard even to perform. Meaning of the song in English can be found in the description of this video.


This beautiful Sanskrit song depicts the story of Ramayana in a concise and descriptive manner.

vaathaapi ganapathim

This popular Krithi (song) is usually offered at the beginning of a program to offer a prayer to Sri Ganesha, who removes all obstacles and ensures success.

gana naayaka

This is a beautiful Tamil Varnam (song) on Sri Subramanya, who removes all fear and protects the devotees from evil.