Glossary – Teachings of Great Sages and Gurus of India

  • Raga

    Raga or Raaga is a defined Melody of specific Notes of music in its own unique music style. In Sanskrit, it means attachment.
  • Rajas

    Rajas is the force which promotes or upholds the activity of the other aspects of nature (prakriti) such as one or more of the following: action, change, mutation; passion, excitement; birth, creation, generation. If a person or thing tends to be extremely active, excitable, or passionate, that person or thing could be said to have a preponderance of rajas.

  • Rama

    According to Hindu Mythology, he is the 7th Avatar (divine incarnation) of the Hindu God Vishnu and a king of Ayodhya. Rama is also the protagonist of the Hindu epic Ramayana, which narrates his idealistic ideas and his greatness. Rama is one of the many popular deities in Hinduism, specifically Vaishnavism and Vaishnava religious scriptures in South Asia and Southeast Asia. Along with Krishna, Rama is considered to be an important avatar of Vishnu. In some sects, he is considered to be symbolic of the Supreme Being. Rama Avatar

  • Ramanasramam

    ~~~ Ramanasramam is the sacred, holy Ashram where Sri Ramana Maharshi Lived and Lives. It is still the place of Peace and Joy. Sri Ramana Maharshi said: "Where can I go?" [caption id="attachment_3114" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Ramanasramam [/caption]
  • Renunciation

    ~~~ Giving up the attachment to material objects and worldly plights with the understanding that attachment is bondage, detachment is freedom. Renunciation includes dispassion, and intelligent living with the means that are available without attaching and clinging to things passionately.

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